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Echelon Materials was founded to develop the mass production process required to support market demand for TiTek™, a better solution to existing armor protection. Echelon Materials has spent years designing, developing, and testing a solution for next-level ballistics protection. This proprietary, lightweight material will provide superior personal protection and improve the safety of our nation’s police forces, military, first responders, workplaces and classrooms. Our defense industry engineers have developed that proprietary weaving process to produce this new, patented fabric (U.S. Patent 7,100,490) that will revolutionize ballistics protection – TiTek.

TiTek is the world’s first and only patented, lightweight, flexible fabric designed to shred high-powered conical/rifle rounds and be comfortably worn or carried all day.

In order to produce this revolutionary product, we need to build our proprietary loom because right now there is no loom in existence that can weave 70 titanium disks per square inch into any weave, much more using the warp and weft threads of the fabric itself.
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Introducing TiTekTM

This proprietary weaving process produces TiTek – a lightweight, bullet-resistant fabric that shreds bullets into shrapnel. TiTek will provide the ultimate protection while remaining flexible, lightweight, and comfortable.

TiTek is the first and only fabric to enable lightweight Level IV+ multi-hit, high-powered rifle protection. TiTek is a patented fabric that weaves tiny, sharp-edged titanium discs into the plane of the fabric using the very kevlar threads that comprise the fabric. These discs present their sharp edges to the incoming round and cut it to shreds as it passes. Once shredded by the TiTek fabric, debris from bullets are easily captured by the armor package’s backing layers that employ existing materials, such as aramids or polyethylenes. Compared to traditional armor that “stops” the bullet by applying extremely high counter-force, TiTek armor uses the bullet’s own energy to cut it apart, destroying it and making it easier to stop. This is an entirely new defeat mechanism for armor.  TiTek is revolutionary.
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It's ALL About the Loom

We are ready to bring TiTek to market. To do this, we needed to find a high grade, industrial loom that could handle the weight and structural integrity of our proprietary weave. There just wasn’t and isn’t such a loom in existence that could manufacture TiTek. So our team of defense industry engineers designed our own, one of a kind loom; itself being as revolutionary to weaving as TiTek is to Armor.  This loom must now be built. The final design and plans have been created and are ready to build. We just need your support.

The construction of the loom will allow for the production of TiTek. The next generation of superior ballistic protection to help keep you safe and alive
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Lives Saved
Times More Likely
Percent Increase
The number of police officers that ballistic-resistant body armor has saved in the last 30 years. As of 10/26/2018 Officers who do not routinely wear body armor are 3.4 times more likely to suffer a fatal injury from a torso shot than officers who routinely wear body armor. As of 10/26/2018 Percent increase in Law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty in 2018 vs 2017. As of 10/26/2018
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Armor....and Beyond!

TiTek is a versatile textile, able to be used as a fabric or as a composite.   Beyond the primary application of body armor/personal protection equipment, TiTek will provide revolutionary developments across a multitude of industries including vehicles (cars, trucks, aircraft), hunting, furniture, structures, consumer goods and beyond. Indeed, anywhere conical rounds are part of the threat matrix.  The final uses of TiTek are endless and the impact TiTek will have should not go unnoticed.
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The Echelon Mission

Our mission is to protect those who protect us by enabling revolutionary solutions to keep our first responders and military out of emergency rooms and flag-draped coffins.
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Support Us, Learn

Echelon Materials is seeking your support to build the loom that will bring this revolutionary ballistics protection fabric to life. Please support us today.

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