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Video 1 Conical bullet (7.62mm M80) passing unperturbed through thirty (30) layers of Goldshield ballistic material typical of a stand issue Level IIIA body armor vest.

Also note the cat's eye of fibers being pushed aside by the conical nature of the round.
Video 2 Conical bullet (7.62mm M80) being shredded by five (5) layers of TiTek fabric sandwiched between five (5) layers of GoldFlex in front and five (5) GoldFlex layers behind it.

The intent of this video is to show TiTek working and shredding the round as proof of concept.

Additional GoldFlex layers behind TiTek would have resulted in complete capture, but also would have prevented filming the shredded round. A finished vest or other protection would have those additional backing layers to fully capture this shrapnel.
Video 3 Animation showing TiTek shredding bullet and being captured by backing ballistic material layers.

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